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Exceptional Kitchen Island Ideas!

These exceptional  kitchen island ideas offer storage, extra surface space, functionality, and more to any and every home. Find the right cook space inspiration for your home with these top 12 ideas. We can redesign your kitchen and bath. Just give Cretens Custom Cabinetry a call today (906) 233-9491.

If the kitchen is the main hub of your house—it’s where everyone gathers to cook, eat, chat, and even do some work or watch television—any kitchen island ideas make up the heart of that hub. Since the kitchen is a popular spot in the house, you’ll want to keep it functional and organized with plenty of clever kitchen decor ideas.

You can start with the kitchen cabinets, countertops, kitchen back splash, and even look to the walls to get everything in place, but don’t forget about optimizing the kitchen island, too. It can be a spot to store pots and pans, food, and other kitchen gadgets; plus, it can provide more surface area for cooking or working, or a spot for a quick bite to eat.

Kitchen islands come in various designs and sizes, so there’s a fit for every type of space, whether it’s a farmhouse kitchen or a modern one. For a kitchen lacking a lot of square footage, you can opt for a rolling kitchen island or small kitchen islands—these can add additional surface and storage space without taking up more precious space.

For bigger rooms, you can opt for a kitchen island with seating to make it a multipurpose space and add another spot to dine. Plus, in open-concept spaces where the kitchen overlooks a living room or dining room, a kitchen island can serve as a subtle space separator that marks where one area of the room ends and another begins.

Exceptional Kitchen Island Ideas

Family-Friendly Kitchen Island

This kitchen island design keeps the kids in mind, too, so it can be a hangout space for the whole family. It’s great for entertaining, too—for casual meals, everyone can gather and eat at the island—the kids and their friends even have their own special spot. This idea can be pulled off in your own house if you have enough space to add a small wooden kids’ table and chairs. They can be removed when the little ones get older and can manage bar stools.

Spacious Kitchen Island

Some kitchens lack surface space to prep and dice food, keep regularly used ingredients within reach, and plate dishes—all at the same time. A large kitchen island without a sink or cook top built in provides tons of extra counter space, making it easy to do all of the above and more.

Even if you don’t have a massive kitchen island like this one, keep it clear of any items so there’s enough room to get to work. Use your other counter space, hang baskets from the ceiling, or hooks on the wall to hold kitchen items.

Double Sink Kitchen Island

This is its massive dual sink kitchen island. One could be used for prepping meals, while the other could be used for doing the dishes—plus there’s also cabinetry underneath for easy storage.  Bring in the idea of furniture pieces as function to add interest to the space.

Modern and sleek, there is still room for a couple seats to be arranged to keep you company while prepping in this exceptional kitchen island.

Farmhouse Kitchen Island

Use a kitchen table as a stand in for an island if you don’t have one built in. You may also construct an exceptional kitchen island using discarded farmhouse pieces of furniture.

If you like to bake, make sure your exceptional kitchen island is high enough for you to be able to knead some dough. The rustic kitchen island look also adds some warmth to the space. A table provides you with a movable kitchen island, so you can rearrange the space when you need to, which is helpful in a small space.

Stainless Steel Kitchen Island

With a lot of stainless steel in one room, it can sometimes feel cold or not homey enough.

The reflective nature of the steel radiates light around the room, making the space feel lighter and brighter. Not to mention the steel is super functional.

Glamorous Kitchen Island

If your kitchen is the space to congregate, make the kitchen island the centerpiece. This island serves as a major focal point not only for the kitchen, but also serves as the common area of the home thanks to its modern open floor plan.

Because of the visibility, you will  want the island to read sculptural—almost like a high-end piece of furniture. Adding the right light fixture will set off this exceptional kitchen island!

Colorful Kitchen Island

Don’t be afraid to add color to your kitchen.  make it both cheerful and functional. Useful storage and display cases will accent your exceptional kitchen island.

Add the color that will match the fabric of the curtains or even the dishes you wish to display. Mix and match colors to give it even more feeling of the exceptional kitchen island you want us at Cretens Custom Cabinetry to build for you!

Multipurpose Kitchen Island

Put the centerpiece of your kitchen to use—it’s not just for prepping or serving food.  Making a butchers block your exceptional kitchen island will make it multi-purposed.

Adding extra slide out table tops will increase the value of functionality.  Therefore, you can add sliders, knob, towel holders and cupboards to this. Make it how you want it for your needs in your kitchen. Some may not have that extra counter space and need this exceptional kitchen island!

Classic Kitchen Island

If you are lucky to have a large kitchen, turn it into the “command center” of the house, where all the action takes place, from cooking to hanging out to doing work on your laptop.

There is enough room for meal prep, a snack, and homework all at once. This exceptional kitchen island becomes a multi functional space everyone can gather around, which makes for more relaxed family time.

Worktable Kitchen Island

This exceptional kitchen island is ideal for serious cooks who spend most of their time perfecting new recipes in the kitchen.  Storage bins assist your shelf space needs while adding the workable counter space.

By combining the lines and the lightness of a kitchen table with tools and storage, our worktables present an alternative to the monolithic kitchen island. They are designed to work well in traditional and contemporary kitchens as well as open-plan living spaces.  A similar idea for a smaller space would be a mobile kitchen island with wheels and plenty of open shelving.

Long Kitchen Island

A kitchen with a tricky layout calls for some creativity—you’ll need to think about how you’d want to utilize it.  This is a long, but narrow kitchen and the island is almost 10 feet long.

This exceptional kitchen island seems to look very busy. With plenty of countertop and storage space below, there is still room to cook, serve food and then wash the dishes. You could even add a dishwasher to make this a complete workable exceptional kitchen island!

Tiered Island

An elevated island splits up the piece so that one can be used for cleaning or cooking and the other can be used for dining. Since this island is in a space that opens up to the rest of the home, it’s important that the homeowner has the ability to hide any messes on the countertops.

Elevated a portion of the island to create a bar height countertop. The stainless steel posts blend with the appliances while creating a place for us to run electrical from the ground-up through the island, rather than having plugs on the top of the island.

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