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Why We Love Our Social Media Company!

We signed on with Social Media Campaign Services for many reasons. They totally take care of our website and all aspects of social media. Their service is impeccable and are so accommodating to all our media needs. And best of all is there is NO CONTRACTS! You can stop at any time with no fee’s attached for doing so. It just is a month to month basis. Here’s why:

Website Design

They build a custom website to fit your needs. There are many to chose from! They can host your domain name and place the images you chose to be on your site. They work with you on every aspect.

Facebook Page

They will build you a Facebook page linking your website to it. When they write articles/blogs for your page, they will put them on your page for you! Facebook is now the go to place when searching out a business just like the web is. They can also make your Facebook ads and videos to share!


Their writer can create you some well written articles pertaining to your business. Social Media Campaign Services can get your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) up in the rankings so that you are more findable to the public. By using tag words, when a person searches the web for what they are looking for, using tag words allows your business to show up in the top 10 listings.

New Leads

Never lose any leads! They set your website up so that when someone inquires from the site, you and them will be issues an email. They can also track who and what person visited your site blocking out the spam using filters!

Cheaper Than An Employee

Their prices are very low and affordable! Imagine if you or an employee had to handle all this media. For instance, if you paid your employee hourly or salary, it is still cheaper and wiser to pay Social Media Campaign Services and they know what they are doing. It’s their job to know, not yours. They are the professionals.

Social Media Campaign Services

In need of a new or exciting website? Let Social Media Campaign Services build your site and host your domain name. Above all, they are readily available at most any given time. They respond quickly and work very efficiently with you and your needs for social media. Give them a try by responding to their website socialmediacampaign.services or visit their Facebook page. As I mentioned, there are NO CONTRACTS to sign. Tey go month by month. We have them onboard our website and Facebook page. That leaves us more time to do what we do here and let them worry about the rest. We are in good hands with them. No strike the good part, we are in GREAT hands with them!

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