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How Yoopers Prepare For Winter

Have you ever experienced a winter? Michigan’s Upper Peninsula  has winters like no other part of Michigan. The Yoopers prepare for it in many ways.  No matter how much you try, you’ll never really be prepared for winter in the UP, especially if it is your first winter here. Yes, it will snow in October. No, it won’t stick but we will have many months of it, so get ready.

It’s not just what you must to for yourself, but what you must do for your home too! Here is a small check list of what you’ll need to do to prepare yourself for a Yooper winter.

Have a good shovel!

Those new ergonomic shovels work best! They are better known in the U.P. as a “Yooper Scooper”.  They will cut the shoveling time in half too! These things are such a blessing, but you need to step up your upper body strength in order to use them. It’s like a small plow for your body. If you don’t live in dorms or a rental where your landlord plows, this is a necessity. They save your back from getting out of whack. A Yooper can wake up to not just a few inches of fresh snow but possibly a foot or better!

Have your heating system checked!

Maybe you need to stock pile some wood, clean the flue or have your furnace checked for preventive maintenance, either way…you will need the heat! Many pipes and toilets break due to lack of poor heating. We at Cretens Custom Cabinetry also make mantles and hearths. Nothing like snuggling up to a cozy fire when the temp dips below zero and the snow is falling down upon you!

Have  good clothing attire ready!

You can give up on nice hair and makeup. A nanook of the north hat will not be kind to any hairdo!  If you’re a walker, even for just a short distance, just give up on your makeup and hair. When it’s blowing snow and freezing cold, your hair will be blown all over the place and your makeup will be smeared by the scarf you wrap desperately around your face. You’ll end up looking like you just came out of a tornado.  No need for a cute short coat and high heel boots. You need a thermal underwear, carhartt coat  and snowmobile boots!

Gas up the snowblower or hire  a truck!

Many Yoopers will use their own snowblower  for the exercise and enjoyment.  Others such as  the handicapped, elderly and a few lazy people will hire a truck with a plow. Clearing the driveway is a must in the U.P. . Some days, you can wake up not even able to get out of your front door, yes…that’s how much snowfall they can get!  Gas will become a commodity along with a few household essentials like bread, milk, eggs and  most likely toilet paper! It can be a few mile walk to a store so have your driveway cleared so somebody can deliver it to you. You can be stuck at home for days on end also.

Winter IS coming!

A snowier-than-normal conditions are expected for this 2018/2019 winter season. We can hear the skiers, boarders, and snowmobilers cheering from here! Of particular note, for those readers rooting for shovels, we are red-flagging the 2018 dates of January 20-23, February 4-7 & 16-19, and March 1-3 & 20-23 along the Atlantic Seaboard for some heavy precipitation. Good news for skiers and snow enthusiasts, but for those looking to build sandcastles, not-so-good news, but a good time to book that tropical getaway.

The best way to deal with winter is to be prepared!

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