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Update Your Outdated Kitchen

Is it time to update your outdated kitchen? Many kitchens today are out of style and bad functionality. Since the kitchen is the most used place in the home, it should also be the most stylish and refreshed place as well. An updated kitchen will make life easier for all especially the person who does the majority of the cooking and preparing of meals and snacks.

I’m always so inspired by dream kitchens like this cottage kitchen in Michigan or any one of these gorgeous, glamorous spaces. I appreciate the details, materials, the layout — all the finer things that make it special and swoon-worthy. But most of us probably don’t cook in our dream kitchen. Instead, we deal with our kitchens’ quirks and inconveniences on a daily basis.

Thankfully, your kitchen can still be a place that you love and cherish — a place you enjoy, and not merely tolerate. Here are a few simple ideas to to use for your outdated kitchen that will give it that updated look.

Add or Change Lighting

If the lighting in your kitchen is dim or you hate the overhead fixture, change it! Switching out an overhead light fixture is much easier than it sounds. It doesn’t have to be super expensive, either. Don’t forget about under-cabinet lighting! That might be all you need to feel like you’ve seen the light, literally.

Change Out Drawer and Shelf Lining

These silverware keepers are very inexpensive and can help you organize your utensils.Shelf liners will give you outdated kitchen better appeal too. When was the last time you changed those shelf liners? Or maybe you don’t have any at all? Putting down a fresh nonstick liner will give you an opportunity to take everything out of your cabinets (and put them back in an organized way), and clean the cabinet or drawer so you start out fresh. There are simply so many uses for a non-slip liner. Bonus tip: You don’t have to stick with white.

Add a Rug to Your Outdated Kitchen

Just using a new rug can make a world of difference in your outdated kitchen! You can take it a step further but laying new tile or flooring but sometimes just the right rug can serve the purpose.

Replace the Faucet

This is a very simple, straightforward way to upgrade your kitchen.A small investment for something you use multiple times a day.

Update the Hardware

Switching out your old knobs or pulls for something more modern or decorative can really transform the look of your cabinets, particularly if they’re bland contractor-grade.


Add New Organizers

By adding new organizer cabinets will increase your storage space. There are many ways to do this as shown in these images.

Organizing your spice rack is a simple fix. It will also let you grab the spice you need without shuffling through the cupbaords.

Add More Storage Space

Using an end cap of a storage space will let you store the cookbooks and what nots that take up valuable cupboard pace. Wire shelves and under-cabinet baskets make sure you’re using all the space available in your cabinets, and even your fridge and freezer.

Get a New Dish Rack

A new stylish dish rack rejouvantes and outdated kitchen! Some tend to get rusty and worn out. It’s nice for sanitary reaons to replace these anyway. A good one can last for years but since they are priced so low…refresh your outdated kitchen with these regularly.

Cover Ugly Countertops

Putting in brand-new countertops is not a small change but a change that is needed usually. Cretens Custom Cabinetry has the best and lowest priced Granite, Quartz and solid surface countertops.


Swap Our Switch Plates

Swap out the dirty dingy old style switch plate with a smart switch plate if you are the tech savey person. But even just a new switch plate will work. The stainless steel plates are easier to clean, and they often lie flatter to the wall than the old plastic ones.

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