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Television Kitchen Cabinets Matter!

A television kitchen catches your eye most of the time. Americans love TV and movies. We love it so much that we’re spending an estimated 35 to 49 hours per week with our beloved screens. With that much subconscious input sensory information flowing, it often dictates our spending and style habits. Has the media dictated our preferences in kitchen cabinets? Types of kitchens portrayed in mainstream media makes us know what we like and dislike when it comes to decorating our kitchen.
Let’s see how the effect of televion plays a role on how we prefer our style of kitchen cabinets.

Shabby-Chic Kitchen Cabinets

This trending style exploded into our vernacular over a decade ago, but the demand for shabby-chic everything has stayed. If you can, think back to one of the first iconic TV kitchens, Leave It To Beaver. June Cleaver created the shabby-chic kitchen with its exposed, glass-paneled kitchen cabinets and what is now considered “old-school” appliances.

Throw on a frilly apron and lace hand towels, and share in the origins of the shabby-chic trend.

White & Off-White


Another, albeit modernized, shabby-chic kitchen is from the TV show Gilmore Girls.

This kitchen is full of white and off-white tones, decorated with lace curtains, and a floral tablecloth.

80’s & 90’s Kitchen Cabinets

The 80s and 90s ushered some pretty awesome fashion trends, but did it contribute to the kitchen? Of course it did! These decades also brought many iconic shows such as The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, Full House, and Family Matters.


These lovely, family-centric kitchens gave us a sense of community that even Kimmy Gibbler was invited to! The kitchen cabinet trend these shows brought were that of middle-class suburbia. There were a lot of kitchen islands and plastic, monocolored (usually beige or white), laminate kitchen cabinets.


Perhaps these shows didn’t spark any kitchen trends (yet, the 90s are back!), but with its lack of style, it made up for in a 30 minute life lesson!

New York Kitchen Cabinets

We can’t skip out on the most obvious and iconic kitchen from the show Friends. While it could be in a category of its own, it presented a quirky sense of 90s style.


It had funky and colorfully painted open kitchen cabinets decked with overly sized cappuccino mugs and copper pots and pans you know only Monica would use!


Seinfeld was arguably the most quintessential bachelor pad in NY in the 90s. The kitchen was an open concept with glass-paned kitchen cabinets filled with cereal, a node to Jerry’s singlehood. Glass-paned and open kitchen cabinets are still a classic in kitchens — especially smaller ones — because they give the illusion of openness and height.


These kitchen cabinets are also commonly seen modern kitchens.


Traditional Television Kitchen

In the show the Sopranos, this gave us a peek into a more traditional kitchen right when granite countertops began to emerge. The cabinetry also lead to the trend of customized wood kitchen cabinets that were highly crafted.

Granite countertops and wood cabinets are a trend that has also managed to stay throughout the years, and is still one of the most sought out features for potential homebuyers.


Surburbia Style

It goes to show, that perhaps, a television kitchen did and still does influence our buying and style habits in cabinetry! The only style that is out (for now) is the 80s and 90s suburbia styled kitchen!


Cretens Custom Cabinetry

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